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OX-ZP620T Smart Temperature Measuring Helmet

  • Brand   OXIANG
  • Model   OX-ZP620T
  • Description

    OX-ZP620T Smart Temperature Measuring Helmet£¬4G 3G Wifi Bluetooth GPRS GPS Police DVR Police DVR,Bo...


 Smart Temperature  Measuring Helmet

1.Anti-shake, high-speed capture

  You can clearly capture photos even driving  (speed 80km/h below), using advanced optical  waveguide technology.

2.Ergonomic Design

  Integrated design, which is more comfortable to  wear. The weight is only 520g. No discomfort  even wear a whole day. lighter weight than  similar wearable devices. The two-color mold  design is adopted, the brim is transparent, make  the user's vision wider.

3.Accord with GB2811-2019 standard

4.Four natural ventilation inlets and outlets

  Four natural ventilation inlets and outlets  designed according to Thermodynamics, with  graphene and professional heat insulation   technology, even in hot summer or low  temperature environment, the helmet can ensure  all a comfortable user experience. Providing  more humanized design for frontline workers.

5.The lens angle is designed according to ergonomics

  The visible light and infrared thermal imaging lens is designed

  downward by 15 ¡ã, when people take pictures, they are used to raise  their head slightly, so we make the camera downward, which is       more,convenient for shooting.

6.AR visible light, adjustable from all direction

  Large viewing angle;Virtual screen 74 inch£¨3m);High Brightness;High Resolution;High Contrast ration;No Dark corner;No Blind area

  The angle of the optical display  can be adjusted in all directions,  suitable for all people

7.Removable battery, large capacity and work longer

  Capacity: 4000mAh£¬Battery Standby mode: 72 hours

  Automatic recognition: 6 hours Live broadcast£¬Mode: 4 hours

8.Auxiliary lighting, laser positioning

  Equipped with a bright LED light,  human silhouette can be seen clearly  within 15 meters at night, works well  at night.

  1 laser assisted in positioning photo  Light. When the laser is positioned to  a certain position, photo will be  captured.

9.imported high-definition infrared thermal sensor

  Imported thermal imaging  module, high resolution,  Real time return back  thermal image on computer  clearly showing the highest      temperature Degree and  alarm personnel.

The distance of infrared  temperature measurement  module is adjustable, and  the response is fast. The  unique optical structure  design can make it suitable  for long-distance  temperature measuremen

Normal working in  extreme temperature  environment:-20¡æ-+60¡æ

10.Built-in 4G module, real-time monitoring, post back

   High-speed 4G network transmissior;1080P HD Video;

   GPS Location, Electronic Fenc;4G Wireless walkie-talkie

   Real Time monitoring and post back

   Android system is compatible with third-party  software

   Removable battery

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