OX-ET801B Multifunctional GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Brand   oxiang
  • Model   OX-ET801B
  • Description

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The tracking terminals of ET801B are powerful solution for tracking system. They have not only most of basic tracking functions but also many extended interface and plugs to connect with camera,handle set,LCD message screen,TTS (voice converter),fuel collector,temperature sensor,navigation screens,LED display banner and so on.




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Function List:

   Master No. and Authorize No. :

Only authorized number of tracking device before they can locate and control. Absolutely guarantee the safety of vehicles. Automatically upload data like vehicle location data, hardware information (such as the ACC state, the state of the door, voltage of vehicle battery, driver time, etc.). (Can be set by time or by distance upload data)
 Remote Listen In:

External high sensitivity microphone. Users can monitor the car remotely via phone.
Two-way Communication:

owner or monitor can talk with driver in the vehicle.
Remote Fuel Control:

Tracking device with a vehicle-specific fuel control installation. When abnormal occur. User can control fuel of vehicle by computer or mobile phone. So that vehicle can not continue running.
Remote Center Lock:

User can remote control vehicle's center lock, locked and unlocked the door

Tracking device with an emergency alarm button. Can be installed on the cover. when the event of an emergency.
press the button will send alarm to monitoring Center and to authorize No.
Over Speed Alarm:

Tracking device can detect vehicle's speed. If vehicle's speed exceed setting of device.
It will send the alarm to monitoring center and authorized No...
Towing Alarm:

Towing means a vehicle in the parking because of the movement caused by external forces(such as the police towing). tracking device can detect that..
It will send the alarm to monitoring center and authorized No...
Parking Alarm:

User can set the maximum parking time. If a vehicle exceeds setting,
It will send the alarm to monitoring center and authorized No...
Tried Driver Alarm:

In order to the security needs of the driver, it can configured driver time. If the driver did not rest over time
It will send the alarm to monitoring center and authorized No...
Main Power Off Alarm:

If the illegal removal of tracking device from vehicle
It will send the alarm to monitoring center and authorized No...
Anti-Steal Alarm:

In Armed state. if someone trespass
It will send the alarm to monitoring center and authorized No...(Can be compatible with the original car alarm system).
Low Power Alarm:

If vehicle battery voltage is too low.
It will send the alarm to monitoring center and authorized No...
Vibration Alarm:

Tracking device have Vibration sensors, when the vehicle is shaken,
It will send the alarm to monitoring center and authorized No...
Custom Alarm:

Tracking have two custom input, the user can self-selected alarm input signal..
GEO-Fence :
When  the user set a 1km(optional) circle with the current position as center. When the vehicle left the circle area, device will send alarm

  • Particular Function:

    • Without computer, user can got detailed address from tracking device by mobile phone.

  • Product customization:

Custom-developed hardware and software products, according to your needs

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  • Specifications:

Size:    40mm*80mm*120mm
Weight:     N.W0.16KG G.W. 0.74KG
    6x Input     ACC/ SOS / Door Check/Vibration sensor/custom 1/ custom 2

    3x Output   Fuel Control/center lock/center unlock

Microphone/speaker/ camera/LED AD/Navigator/fuel control/Temperature control
Communication: GSM/ GPRS
Positioning accuracy: 5m~10m


  II) Extension Accessories
 1) Camera: ET-801 could work with 4 Max camera to take pictures.User could operate with tracking system software.Further more, when there's alarm , it will take the picture automatically and send back to server.
2) Handset : The handsetis a car telephone when it connected with 801B.Driver can sure it have a phone talk and sending orreceiving message.Further more,the people who in the central control room can contact with driver through it by SMS or call. 
3)Fuel Sensor: Data Collector is used to get the digital information from the sensors which installed in the vehicle.And the 801B passed the information to the sever,then we can read the these from computer and store them. Now it widely used to fuel remaining and temperature.
4)Navigation Screens: Car Navigation plug is a wonderful part.It almost have all functions which
normal car navigation has.Further more,it connect with the ET801B has the function of phone talk /SMS.
5) LED bar:It is a very intelligent message - driver - system in car.It can be edit to any message the owner wants to display.It may be warm regards,a reminder or a love message,advertisement and so on.

 GPS Tracking Software:


System Tracker cell
Tracker Internet
server + client
Tracker Internet
Application signal car group <50
group 50 to
100 vehicles
group 500 to 5000 group 2000 to 8000
Locate SMS
s and speed
Real-time on
Real-time on
Real-time on map Real-time on map
Tracking minutes minutes real-time real-time real-time
cell phone cell phone/pc cell phone/pc cell phone/pc cell phone/pc
Listening in Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cut off Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
SOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Towing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Parking Time
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Over speed Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Power alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Empty /load No No No Yes Yes
Management No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mileage No No No Yes Yes
History Trace No No No Yes Yes
GEO fence No No No Yes Yes