OX-BT802 500m bluetooth intercom helmet headset for motorcycle BT802

  • Brand   OXIANG
  • Model   OX-BT802
  • Description

    Motocycle Bluetooth Helmet Headset£¬Bluetooth Helmet Headset£¬Bluetooth Headset£¬intercom headset£¬PT...



helmet headsets 
1.receive GPS voice instructions 
2.works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone 
3.portable and good quality 

Bluetooth Helmet Intercom Headset ,Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Intercom Headsets 

(500 Meters)



 500M Waterproof Handsfree Interphone Motorcycle Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Helmet Headset   

This device allows bikers to receive GPS voice instructions, communicate with the passenger on the back seat, to conduct calls on their mobile phone and listen to music or their MP3 player. Last but not least, the device offers biker-to-biker intercom communication. 



This headset works with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone. Designed and Engineered for Heavy-Duty Performance.


Features descritpion:

*   can be realized Bluetooth helmet headset with helmet headset 500 meters  meters of direct full-duplex intercom;

*   can be achieved Bluetooth and cellular phones, intercom calls, stereo music and automatic switching between them;

*   mobile phone first, calls automatically switch to the mobile phone to answer calls, hang up automatically after recovery intercom;

*   can be accessed by telephone, refused to telephone and hang up;

*   support for voice dialing; support the last number redial;

*   support for voice switching;

*   through the transmission over A2DP to enjoy the music through mobile phones or connected GPS;

*   can be controlled via mobile phone music AVRCP play, pause, previous song, next song played;

*   there are rumors DSP noise reduction and processing, high-speed exercise to ensure a clear call quality;




500M Waterproof Handsfree Interphone Motorcycle Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Helmet Headset


 Full Duplex Communication 

The unit works with up to three different Bluetooth devices: 
* To a Mobile Phone: Handsfree communication 
   TTS function that can speak the number of incoming caller in English 
* To a GPS unit Receive audio instructions via headset 
* To other V1 or V2 Headsets Communicate in parallel with up to two other headsets 

This BIM(Bluetooth,Intercom and Music) can either be used for riders or for pillion.

This BIM can connect with four Bluetooth devices: A Bluetooth enabled cell phone, two BIM (two riders or one rider and one pillion), an audio source which with a built in or a external audio Bluetooth transmitter.

This BIM is a multifunctional device for motorcyclists and skiers, it can be used:

1) As a handsfree Bluetooth headset for cell phone calls
While out riding or snow skiing, the auto answer feature of the internal Bluetooth profile enables safe automatic Hands free answering of the phone call automatically. It also offers a call rejecting function.

2) As a two way wireless full duplex interphone between riders or between rider & pillion
Typical effective range in city is approximately 600m/1900ft. Please note that actual range will depend on weather conditions, terrain, presence of obstacles, I. E. A large vehicle, buildings non line of sight etc.

It can connect with two other riders or connect with anther rider and his/her pillion. The rider can chose which person to talk with. The working speed can be up to 120Km!

3) As a wireless Bluetooth music receiver and speaker, this BIM has EDR and A2DP profile, with EDR and A2DP profile it can offer another important function--- listening to stereo music from A2DP enabled cellphone, MP3 or navigation audio information from GPS(this MP3 or GPS should has a built in audio Bluetooth transmitter)

4) If your MP3 or GPS did not have a built in audio Bluetooth transmitter, you only need to have an external audio Bluetooth transmitter to pair with them, then you also can enjoy this added functionality.

5) As the speakers of your MP3/GPS


Bike-to-Bike intercom communications among up to three bikers within a range of : 
UP to 100m ---BH9081,BH9083,BH528

UP to 500m ---BT802,BH9082,BH9084,BH568

UP to 800m --- BT801,BT804


Bike-to-Bike intercom communications among up to unlimited  bikers within a range of : 
UP to 2000m --- BH9086,BH9087



This Bluetooth helmet headset  is  suitable for riders, traffic police, SWAT,  architects, outdoor sports enthusiasts, etc.







Packing details


Carton Box
Carton Size 67x34.7x21 cm
PCS/Carton 20pcs
Weight/CTN 8KG
Color Box Size 16.2x20.5x6.2 cm
N.W 0.35 KG


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1. We provide 1 year warranty.
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4. We will work with you to solve any problems.


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