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OX-T9 Body Temperature Detector

  • Brand   OXIANG
  • Model   OX-T9
  • Description

    OX-T9 Body Temperature Detector...

Built-in Chinese, English, Italian, French, Spanish
1. Precise
Using imported induction thermopile detector chip and signal processing special integrated chip, automatic measurement, accurate calculation, built-in rich clinical medical data, and can be adaptively adjusted according to the ambient temperature, the measurement results reflect the real body temperature of the human body.
2. High and low temperature alarm can be customized
Freely set the high and low temperature of the alarm
3. Display conversion of Celsius and Fahrenheit
The display can be freely selected to display Celsius or Fahrenheit.
4. Easy to install and use
Align the forehead with the body temperature detector, and the temperature indicator light is on and it will get result when entering the measurement distance range.
5. Security
No skin contact and no cross infection.
6. Sound and light alarm
When normal or excessive body temperature is detected, the instrument will automatically light up and alarm with different sounds!
7.Restore factory settings and power-on self-test
Convenient to set up functions and understand device status.
8.Data output (optional)

Output data via 485 communication protocol