OX-WS5 4G/Wifi Battery Camera

  • Brand   OXIANG
  • Model   OX-WS5
  • Description

    Wifi battery camera, 960P Wi-Fi Smart Home Camera,Wifi IP camera,wifi camera...


Product Name: 4G/Wifi Battery camera 

Model No: 4G :OX-WS5G;  Wifi: OX-WS5

Product Features:                                                          

 The charging camera's outer casing is made of plastic,for indoor use only The camera adopts high sensitivity waterproof microphone.

 Powered by 6200 Ma lithium polymer battery;Can set incoming alarm recording and all-weather recording 

 Ultra-low power consumption, super long time standby, and intelligent power saving function, standby time more than 25 days;continuous recording for about 18 hours.

 Uses 1/3 high-definition photosensitive chip; Picture resolution: 1080p, 2MP;Clear and delicate picture quality , good color reproduction

 With ICR double filter switcher, automatic color turn black, built-in 10 low power infrared lamp, can effectively improve the night vision sharpness

 High power 4G module built into the equipment, external professional customized 4G antenna, stronger receiving 4G signal stability, do not dropthe line,distance is far, no drop.

 PIR function: After setting, the human body is detected, and the camera can immediately push the alarm information to the mobile APP.

 Remote wake-up function, PIR alarm push function, mobile phone app response in time, anytime to see;

 Built-in pickup, horn, users can monitor through the mobile phone app, and can realize real-time remote video voice intercom;

 Using High-performance DSP codec chip, the host can deal with a variety of complex situations, rapid response;

 Good experience of low-power equipment dedicated app, simple operation, full-featured, product settings can be set through the mobile phone app;

Supports maximum 64G TF card storage, or select cloud storage to meet different customer requirements. and you can View alarm video on your phone APP

 Product support network recording, after configured 4G network, such as network interruption, PIR alarm can be normal triggered andrecorded, connected to the network, you can read the recording information;

 Professional factory production;

 Product application range

This product requires no wiring, is maintenance-free, and is suitable for use in various indoor environments where it is not convenient to get power. The sensitive PIR human sensor alarm can remotely wake up the device at any time, watch videos, and view videos