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OX-T2 8¡±Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Machine

  • Brand   OXIANG
  • Model   OX-T2
  • Description

    OX-T2 8¡±Face Recognition Temperature Measuring Machine£¬8 inch non touch face recognition ir sensor b...

8 inch non touch face recognition ir sensor body temperature measurements fever alarm thermal cameras
1.infrared thermal imaging camera,include multi function
2.fever camera infrared thermal imaging,face recognition,access control
3.body temperature measurement camera,IC/ID card reader function optional
4.thermal camera for body temperature,with abnormal temperature alarm function
System£ºAndroid 7.1
Camera£º2 million pixels
CPU£ºRK3288 quad-core 
Network module£ºEthernet and wireless (WIFI) and Wired network
Face Detection:Supports detection and tracking of multiple people at the same  time
Face library:Up to 30,000
Support Function 1: N face recognition,1: 1 face comparison,Stranger detection,Identify distance configuration,UI interface configuration,Upgrade remotely
Temperature detection distance :1 meter (optimal distance 0.5 meter) 
Temperature accuracy :¡Ü ¡À0.2¡æ
Temperature range :10¡æ~42¡æ 
Support Visitors' temperature is normal and released directly 
Abnormal temperature alarm Support (temperature alarm value can be set)