OX-GT107 GPS Personal Tracker

  • Brand   oxiang
  • Model   OX-GT107
  • Description

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1.Personal location tracker gps
3.SOS feature
4.Geofence alert
5.Movement alert

Product introduction:

 two-way conversation function
1 Auto Report position.
2 Send the last location if it enters into the blind area
3 Add or change Username and Password.
4 Monitoring and SOS feature.
5 It will send an alert of Geofence to the user when it breaches the restricted area.
6 It will send an alert of movement to the user when it begins to move.
7 It will send an overspeed alert to the user when the target moves exceed of the restricted speed.
8 It will send a low battery alert to the user if the battery is low.

Applications :

 Vehicle rental / Fleet management,etc.   

 Protect the child / the elder / the disabled / pet,etc.   

 Businessmen safety.   

 Personnel management.   

 Covert tracking.